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Established in 2006 by Javid Shaik and Anne Chapman, The Dynamic Trader was founded by traders, for traders.

With over twenty five years of trading experience between them, Javid and Anne bring their in-depth knowledge and unique insight to The Dynamic Trader. They aim to empower both novice and experienced traders alike to take control of their own capital, enjoy lucrative returns and share their passion for the power of trend trading.

Javid ShaikJavid Shaik


Javid Shaik (@JavidTrader) is a forex trader first, stock market trader and also stock market investor for long term portfolio returns. Javid first caught the trading bug back in 2001 after attending a basic trading and investment seminar. So began his long and often arduous journey to discover the best technical analysis course on the market before launching his own successful trading career.

After several years of honing his techniques in the financial markets, Javid began to offer his combination of unique trading tools and strategies to other traders. Gaining a reputation as an effective, quality training provider, The Dynamic Trader has since grown from strength to strength.

Javid’s skill lies in catching and trading the major trends, sometimes remaining in those trends for weeks or even months at a time. Constantly seeking quicker, cleaner trading methods to share with fellow trader at The Dynamic Trader, Javid operates on the principle that ‘less is more’. It is this fundamental message he teaches his clients, enabling them to trade effectively in less than twenty minutes a day.

Anne ChapmanAnne Chapman


Anne Chapman (@AnneTrader)is a private stock market investor and trend trader who began her trading career in 2001, at a time when online trading was still in its infancy. Following two years of intensive learning, often through trial and error, Anne began to profit from the markets, primarily forex. As technology improved, Anne found herself ideally placed to accelerate her trading. She is now adept at trading in a variety of markets focusing mainly on forex and equities due to their high liquidity.

Anne’s strengths lie in her ability to identify positive trend trading opportunities based on technical analysis. Her daily trading takes no more than 20 minutes each day, with weekend analysis carried out in an hour – a practice she instils during training sessions with The Dynamic Trader.

Founded by traders for traders

TheDynamicTraderThe Dynamic Trader

The Dynamic Trader is a UK based training company specialising in trend trading. Focus is on the forex, stocks and commodities markets using technical analysis through exceptional trading software like eSignal and Metastock. Our training programmes are suitable for both novices and experienced traders.

We offer individual one-to-one bespoke tuition either online or face-to-face in our Surrey offices. The Dynamic Trader’s unique approach focuses solely on price action to establish the trends, rather than the multiple indicators traditionally used by traders.

Our goal is to teach our traders to trade the trends efficiently by utilising just twenty minutes of their time each day, giving them the freedom to live their lives while enjoying a lucrative return on investments. To achieve this we offer the following:

  • Unique Trading Tools which provide exact entry and exit points
  • Trade templates for each individual trading strategy
  • Trading plans enabling our traders to practice, improve and refine their techniques
  • Specific Pages for a quick, simple implementation of technical analysis

Members of The Dynamic Trader gain a comprehensive understanding of market structure, learning to trade both bull and bear markets and when to stand aside and not trade at all. Through a series of unique trading strategies our traders learn to minimise risk and maximise profits, often obtaining good returns.

Trading is simple buy certainly not easy. Both Javid and Anne have provided a simple way to trade market trends with minimal amount of time requirement each day. Through the access of the Dynamic Traders private forum comes the experience of Javid and Anne as well as the senior traders. This is available via the phone, tablet or computer. With the learning, help and experience along with the unique Trading Tools, the intention is to grow new and experienced traders into a Dynamic Trader.