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Archive | November, 2012

Doji at Elliott Wave 5

Today’s chart shows shows a potential Elliott wave 5. Elliott waves should be used only as a guideline. Barratt Development is a UK stock and had had a good uptrend for the last year with wave 5 commencing since June 2012. In addition to Elliott waves, we have applied XTL and Stochastic to the chart. […]

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XTL Breakout Bar

Advanced GET users will know the benefit of XTL to identify points of interest. The stock ERJ is the only XTL breakout opportunity that is appearing today. The shaded area shows the Fibonacci resistance zone and price has reacted with weakness on both occasions that area was hit. A clearance of the support line (red dashed line) […]

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Fibonacci Levels

We would like to wish our friends in the U.S a happy Thanksgiving. Yesterday the Dow closed higher and as mentioned in the weekend analysis, we were expecting to see some kind of retracement in this market. When retracements occur, it is useful to apply the fibonacci levels to identify price pullback targets. Using our […]

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Advanced Get MoB

Today we will look at MoB in action on Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. MoB stands for Make or Break and is one of Tom Joseph’s and Advanced GET users favourite tools. It effortlessly identifies the area where price often makes it to then reverses and sometimes a break of this area could see further movement in that […]

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Trend Following Stocks

We discussed a potential rally during the weekends video analysis and yesterday we saw the Dow Jones move up 200+ points. Many stocks also rallied so this gives us the opportunity to follow the trends. However, a few stocks bucked the days trend and moved down. One of the stocks that weakened yesterday was LRN […]

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Stochastics False Bar

Stochastic is Oversold

Hello trend trader, The currency we are going to examine today shows an oversold reading on Stochastic. This is often mistaken as a reason to look at taking a long positions but I am going to show you why this might not be a good position to take. The chart below is the EURAUD which […]

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