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Archive | December, 2012

Analyse a Chart in 5 Simple Steps

Technical Analysis takes time to learn and so it would make sense that the more technical analysis is practiced, the better a trader would become at using it. Actually, this is not entirely true, mainly due to the fact that most traders look too short term or try and trade reversals to out smart the […]

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Trading Elliott Wave 5

Elliott Waves can be helpful when trying to identify a trend. The two general impulsive trends to trade are Elliott Wave 3 and 5. These are where the smart money are involved (shown with green and red arrows) and trading these areas are much safer than trading against the trend. Todays chart is of Carmax […]

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Trend Trading Polish Zloty

The Advanced GET XTL chart shows a recent breakout below the Regression Trend channel but has a Pearsons value of only 60% so we have to assume the channel is not  a good fit. Price is dealing below the main moving average and trendline while Stochastic shows as oversold. Advanced Get users should wait for […]

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