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Archive | February, 2013

Euro Dollar Trend

Morning forex traders, Our last position on EURUSD was triggered from a Buy signal and we exited the trade near the top and with a very good profit. Since then price has declined and we have remained out of the market but are now considering entering in the direction of the trend once again. However, while the […]

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Trend Following

Initially traders often take on the role of day trading as a way of trying to win money from the markets. The odds of success are very low in day trading (unless trading clients money), yet traders continue to blow their account doing so. Trend following is based on the principle that price has provided […]

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Simple Trend Trading

Is trading easy? Almost all new traders believe trading is easy but the truth is that trading, like any other profession, will be difficult in the beginning. With time, based on a good education, understanding, technique and experience, trading does becomes simpler but there will always be elements which will never be easy. Many traders […]

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Does Day Trading Really Work?

Most traders who enter the world of trading based on technical analysis have previously day traded and many no doubt still do. The fascination of trading during a working day and walking away with lots of money sounds glamorous and easy. The truth is at least 90% of traders lose money and most non-professional day […]

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Are you a Trading Expert?

Almost every day we have people contacting us wanting to know the ‘secret’ to successful trading: what is it the professional traders are hiding, which black box system is the best one or how can I turn zero into a million overnight? There is a secret to successful trading but most people don’t like the […]

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Waiting for the Breakdown

Hello traders, Last week was another profitable week for Dynamic Traders and we spent less time than it takes the average person to commute to work in London. Friday was NFP and while the scalpers tried desperately to pick up a few pips, we managed our existing positions and did nothing. The end result was more profits […]

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