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Control your future, learn to trade the markets

At The Dynamic Trader, we share our trend trading strategies so traders can learn to trade the markets and the trends within them. Trading with the trend is far simpler than trying to trade against it and will often provide above average returns. With our money management techniques we always protect our capital and look to use the appropriate trend trading strategy that compliments the current market condition. Our trend trading systems can be applied to any market including forex, stocks or commodities but we look for only high probability trade set ups.

The power of trend trading

Trend trading is very different to day trading. There is no requirement to watch the screen nervously all day – at the edge of the seat. In fact, trend trading is far more relaxing and accommodating, allowing a trader to maintain their current lifestyle and make money from the markets. Little time is required to analyse, enter, manage and exit a trade. Unlike many traders that use a multitude of indicators, our traders focus mainly on price action to establish the trend which simplifies the trade routine and allows for a trading edge when used appropriately. Our trading is medium to long term which greatly reduces the “noise” from the markets. We do not try to catch tops or bottoms but focus on the middle section of the trends where the ride is often smoother and the trades are far simpler. This is ideal for those that work or are busy during the day.

The Dynamic Trader tools and strategies

To help speed up how to trend trade successfully, we provide the following:

  • Simple step-by-step strategy rules to use
  • Unique trading tools giving exact entry and exit points
  • Trade templates for each trading strategy
  • Trading plans to help practice, improve and refine

We have successfully trained traders from all types of backgrounds. Professionals, business owners, homemakers, retirees … a wonderful mix with a variety of life skills and experience.

Successful trading application

There are three components to being a successful trend trader:

  • Protecting the trading capital – live to trade another day
  • Getting realistic but above average returns – do not aim for big overnight wins
  • Analysing and trading the trends in less than 20 minutes a day – less is more

Protecting the trading capital is an extremely important part of a trading plan – you must protect the funds to trade tomorrow. We provide the rules and tools that show exactly how much risk should be applied to each trade, each day and as a total of the portfolio. This will ensure a trader will never be over-exposed in the markets. Realistic and above-average returns happen when trends are in progress. Trend trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme but instead an understanding of market structure that allows a trader to take control of their financial future by compounding, so profits can grow over time. Trend trading is about the worst kept secret among professional traders yet only a few or individual traders have heard or understand the concept. Finally, whatever your own reasons for wanting to trade, we know that you’re busy and don’t want to spend all day looking at a computer screen. Once you have learnt our trading systems and strategies, you will only need to spend 20 minutes a day checking your trades and placing new ones. Okay, so we do spend about an hour at the weekends planning for the trading week ahead but that is still only 2-3 hours a week in total which is probably less time than it takes the average person to commute to work and home each week.

Learning to trade with The Dynamic Trader

Trading can seem overwhelming at first. However, it is actually quite simple (when you know how). There are many trading styles and indicators which can seem confusing. At The Dynamic Trader, we simplify the process for each trader. We have been providing personal mentoring for traders since 2005, teaching strategies and sharing our unique tools and knowledge with novice and experienced traders alike. Founded by traders for traders, our aim is to install the best trading practice in all our traders. From simple forex strategies to more advanced stock market watchlists, we help traders take advantage of the trends while not affecting their current lifestyle. Our trading strategies are based on technical analysis which uses patterns in data but our focus is mainly price action and behaviour.

The Dynamic Trader tools help simplify trend trading

Trading is challenging in every way. Mastering both the technical and psychological side of it is a massive undertaking but it is truly worth it for the benefits and lifestyle it affords. We are proud of our successes but we also aware that for every new student we take on who succeeds at trading that our contribution is but a part – new traders have to have the right attitude and willingness to learn the trend trading methods, practice, make mistakes and learn from them and then learn some more. If there’s a secret successful to trading, that is it. To find out more, contact us or call +44 (0)203 151 0050