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Advanced GET Package with Discount

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The trading software used by the Dynamic Trader is Advanced GET. By far the world’s best trading analysis software and also one of the most simple and intuitive to use.

Additional and Exclusive Dynamic Trader Benefits

We’ll organize your Advanced Get and give you extras not available anywhere else

  • $700 Discount, reducing the usual $3995 price tage to just $3295
  • Dynamic Trader video on how we use Advanced GET
  • Live 1-2-1 webinar on how to get the most out of your software
  • 1 Month free access to some of our trading tools
  • Ready made templates so you can start using your software immediately
  • On request for new users, we can remotely install and set up Advanced GET

In addition to our own benefits, you also receive these from eSignal

  • 3 Months free online training with eSignal
  • Foundation videos
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Blog access
  • Advanced GET monthly member events

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