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Advanced GET

Advanced GET trading software is used by professional traders and institutions in all 50 states of the U.S. and a similar number of countries around the world.  Advanced GET has won the Stocks and Commodities Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award for Trading Systems for both STOCKS and COMMODITIES 12 years in a row.  That’s because Advanced GET is designed by traders who put their money on the line everyday, and demand nothing less than the best.

At the Dynamic Trader we use our own exclusive trading tools in addition to the standard Advanced GET studies. This enables us to identify the trend, our exact entry point, stop loss, targets and risk before we enter a trade. We believe that trend trading is a simpler route to becoming a successful trader. Using this approach, our rules based strategies coupled with Advanced GET will allow you to also enter your trades with much more accuracy and confidence.

We have tried and tested a number of trading software packages available in the market. Advanced GET offers the most comprehensive set of technical analysis tools that you will find in one package.

Advanced GET Proprietary Indicators:

  • Auto Gann
  • Auto Trend Channels
  • Bias Reversal
  • Elliott Oscillator
  • Elliott Trigger
  • Ellipse
  • eXper Trend Locator (XTL)
  • False Bar Stochastics
  • Gann Angle
  • Gann Box
  • Joseph Trend Index (JTI)
  • Make or Break (MOB)
  • Moving Average
  • Optimised Parabolic SAR
  • Profit Taking Index (PTI)
  • Price Clusters
  • Smart Pivots
  • Time and Price Squares
  • Time Clusters
  • TS’s Web
  • Trade Profile

Advanced GET Scanner:  This filter searches the U.S. markets and the FTSE 100, 250 and 350 in real time for stocks poised to move.  It will find the popular Advanced GET Type 1 and 2 set-ups, as well as many other pre-built and user-built set-ups.  It allows you to choose a parameter set and time frame, as well as additional criteria, so you find just the ones you want.  This scanner includes a number of pre-built strategies to choose from as well as the ability to combine strategies for customized strategies.

Elliott Waves:  A must for anyone who trades Elliott Waves.  Advanced GET is the fastest and most powerful computerized Elliott Wave model available to the public anywhere in the world.  The advanced mathematical model compares the current market with historical patterns and statistical behaviour to generate objective and precise Elliott wave counts that eliminate ambiguity.  A special feature of the GET Elliott Waves automatically provides price projections showing the most likely price range that a wave will reach.

For the experienced user, a cross-referencing feature allows Elliott Wave counts from one time frame to be displayed on a chart of a different time frame.  And, for the professional user, Advanced GET can generate alternate counts for second opinions at crucial junctures.  Eighty percent of the time, the default Elliott Wave count satisfies even the most advanced wave counter.

Ellipse:  The next support or resistance for Gann enthusiasts.  Based on Gann theory, this dynamic tool harnesses the power of Gann without the complexity of the Gann box, so you can easily identify key areas of support and resistance for market corrections, as well as providing initial trade targets.

eXpert Trend Locator (XTL):  Excellent tools for spotting those big trends.  This study uses a statistical evaluation of the market to help you detect random market moves (noise) from powerful market trends.

False Bar Stochastics:  A favourite tool of many Advanced GET users around the world.  The appearance of this special, built-in feature of the GET Stochastic means that the overbought / oversold indication of the standard Stochastic is questionable.  So, for example, for an “overbought” market, the false bar indicates that the market actually has a chance of moving higher.  Where the false (black) bar does not appear, the overbought / oversold conditions of the Stochastic can be considered higher-probability reversal areas and, thus, trading opportunities.

Fibonacci Tools:  Applying the Fibonacci is so easy in Advanced GET. Fibonacci retracements, extensions and circles allow you to measure traditional Fibonacci ratios in time and price, as well as create your own ratios.

Gann Box / Angles:  Complex Gann is now as easy as 123. These tools measure time and price via angles in the market’s movements.  The Gann box is for more advanced users looking to further define precise areas of market congruence and change for both forecasting and trade defense.

Make or Break:  The next price target is now just one click away. Before you enter a trade, you need to know your profit target.  The MOB is our proprietary tool that helps identify future market time and price levels.

Pivots:  Shows Primary, Major, Intermediate and Minor reversal points on each chart. Designed to quickly identify key swing reversal points on a chart, the pivots help you identify the magnitude of the different market turning points.  In addition, you use the pivots as anchor points with the Advanced GET specialized drawing tools, such as the Ellipse, MOB, Gann and Fibonacci levels.

Profit Taking Index (PTI):  Another excellent tool for Elliott Waves enthusiasts.  The exclusive Wave Four PTI can help forecast whether the market will complete an Elliott Wave 5, allowing you to spot only the best Elliott patterns.  Historically, if the PTI is greater than 35 in a wave four, the market continues to make new highs in wave five.  Conversely, a PTI of less than 35 indicates too much profit-taking and signals a double top or failed fifth in wave five.

Regression Trend Channels:  Yet another favourite of Advanced GET users. One of the most popular tools, these channels are used for an objective entrance into the market using a line of best fit surrounded by lines on a parallel at 2 standard deviations.

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