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Do not trade Gold

Here is an overview of Gold which is currently not a trend trading opportunity as it is in a consolidation. Trend traders will have moved their money elsewhere once the consolidation had been confirmed and can look to re-enter this market when a breakout occurs. Until a breakout occurs, we should stand aside and be […]

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TRYJPY Bearish Trend

Bearish Trend

Today we are going to look at the bearish trend on the TRYJPY. Starting with the weekly chart to get an overview of price action over the slightly longer term. There are three things to look for on this chart that indicates price is in a downward trend. The first is that the last few […]

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Usig the regression trend channel

Using the regression trend channel

Today we will cover the value of a double bottom in a bull trend, Regression Trend Channel and look at near-term and long-term resistance. The stock for today is Micron Technology (ticker MU) and the software used is eSignal’s Advanced GET. Firstly, let’s start with the weekly timeframe and you can see from the chart […]

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Advanced GET MoB

Below is the transcript of the Advanced GET MoB video. The chart we’re going to look at today is CI. If we begin with our weekly timeframe we can see we’ve had a very good trend from roughly the middle of July 2012 and you can see we’ve got a very bullish trend towards the […]

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Euro Pound bearish bias

Bearish bias

We have a bearish bias on Euro / Pound Sterling (EURGBP) and this is indicating we may see further weakness. One of the most simplest of indicators when trend trading in the 200 moving average and today we’ll be looking at why this gives us a bearish bias on the EURGBP currency pair. If we […]

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