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Doji at Elliott Wave 5

Today’s chart shows shows a potential Elliott wave 5. Elliott waves should be used only as a guideline. Barratt Development is a UK stock and had had a good uptrend for the last year with wave 5 commencing since June 2012. In addition to Elliott waves, we have applied XTL and Stochastic to the chart. […]

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How to improve your trend trading

Look at the bigger picture. Many traders exclusively follow smaller time frames or look for reversal candlestick patterns against the trend for quick returns. It really helps and will increase the trading success rate by looking at the larger time frames to identify the trend and trade in that direction. Trade less. Over-trading is quite […]

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Using Trendlines

There is a tool in our opinion that should be in every new technicians toolbox. Moving averages are the most commonly used indicators and are good when in a trend but if the market is range bound it is of no help whatsoever. Oscillators in range bound markets tend to show continuous overbought or oversold […]

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How to use MACD

As you all know, the markets can move either up, down or trade in a range and go sideways. To try and extract money from a sideways moving market is always tricky and a little difficult. A trending market is far easier and as Dynamic Traders, it would be advisable to try to identify the […]

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Trend is my Friend

Most new traders soon become familiar with one or two trading adages: “The trend is your friend” “Let your profits run and cut your losses”. Although this sounds delightfully simple – and most novice traders believe they will be sure to abide by these two obvious rules – the reality of it is most traders […]

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