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Average True Range

How to use ATR

Average True Range (ATR) Indicator Volatility is a word that sometimes negative connotations. It suggests something is wrong and that events are out of control. When it comes to measuring markets, volatility can change equations and reduce the effectiveness of strategies. But how do you control that? One of the ways is with the Average […]

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Trend Following

Trend following the markets have provided some very good returns for the Dynamic Traders in 2013. Our style of trading is far from frantic, in fact we will wait for price to move in our direction before we enter a trade. That means we never try to enter at the extreme of the market where […]

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Turtle Trader chart

Best trading systems

The best trading systems are usually simple and as a result quite robust. Adding more components to a system may feel like the odds are in the traders favour but actually it really only serves to provide a false sense of security. The more complex a system, the more reasons for it to break down. […]

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Trailing stop loss

How to use a trailing stop loss

Lock in profits A key element of trend trading is using a trailing stop loss in place of exiting a trade with a pre-determined target. This allows for a trade to continue working in the direction of the trend. In good trends this is a very efficient way of profiting from the markets. A trailing […]

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Market swing points

When trading breakouts is wrong

Trading Breakouts Using support and resistance levels for trading breakouts can work very well when there is a trend to trade – but it does not offer the same level of success when the market has no trend and is stuck in a consolidation. Trading breakouts such as ‘buy high and sell higher’ or ‘sell […]

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Regression Trend Channel

How to use the Regression Trend Channel One of the favourite trading tools for the Dynamic Traders is the Regression Trend Channel. This trading tool comes packaged with eSignals Advanced GET trading software and is simple enough to use for traders of all experience levels. The Regression Trend Channel is based on the Linear Regression […]

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Another Winning Trade

Winning trade has partially exited The AUDNZD has been a winning trade that has produced a good trend since the breakout. As trend traders, we don’t look to trade the consolidation zones and the AUDNZD had previously been in consolidation but not as severe as the AUDUSD. While the consolidation lingered, we patiently waited for […]

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Trading consolidations breakouts

Search for consolidations Often traders will look to over analyze a chart before considering an entry. The belief that lots of indicators doing a similar kind of move will provide an edge is often proven incorrect. Last week we showed how different indicators can react in a similar way but price ignores them and behaves […]

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