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Trading risk

Can You Handle Risk?

Risk is a word often batted about when talking about trading. Not without good cause, I might add. But the true risk often lies in the less obvious. Risk is usually mentioned in the context of stops and cutting your losses short. This is sound advice. It’s difficult to accept that all your analysis has […]

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Trading is not gambling

To Win You Must Lose

A common myth with trading is that you have to be right to be rich. No one wants to be a loser – and admitting to losing trades can feel that way to the uninitiated. In truth, losing plays a major part in winning – but it’s how you lose that’s important. The essence of […]

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How are our stocks performing?

Hello traders, Below is the list of stocks I outlined as possible buy opportunities in our trading room at the beginning of June 2014 and I have added the percentage in distance price has moved from the high of our signal bar to the close as of July 1st 2014. ABC = did not trigger AET […]

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Metastock Forecaster

Hello trend traders, Above is the one hour video recording from yesterdays webinar presented by Jeff Gibby. In this video Jeff discusses how to apply automatic support and resistance levels within Metastock and goes on to demonstrate the Metastock Forecaster tool. The special offer made by Jeff for Metastock at the end of the video […]

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Bullish Trend

Trading is complicated

Since the introduction of online trading, the time between opening an account and placing a trade can be as little as one hour. That means a completely new trader can trade on the live market without any prior knowledge or experience and potentially make a big profit before the end of the day. However, they […]

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Average True Range

How to use ATR

Average True Range (ATR) Indicator Volatility is a word that sometimes negative connotations. It suggests something is wrong and that events are out of control. When it comes to measuring markets, volatility can change equations and reduce the effectiveness of strategies. But how do you control that? One of the ways is with the Average […]

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Trend Following

Trend following the markets have provided some very good returns for the Dynamic Traders in 2013. Our style of trading is far from frantic, in fact we will wait for price to move in our direction before we enter a trade. That means we never try to enter at the extreme of the market where […]

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Usig the regression trend channel

Using the Regression Trend Channel

Today we will cover the value of a double bottom in a bull trend, Regression Trend Channel and look at near-term and long-term resistance. The stock for today is Micron Technology (ticker MU) and the software used is eSignal’s Advanced GET. Firstly, let’s start with the weekly timeframe and you can see from the chart […]

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