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The Rudolph phenomenon

Click to tweet this post Poor Rudolph! He was a bit different from all the other reindeer and they laughed at him and called him names – they didn’t let poor Rudolph join in any of their games. It’s not dissimilar to starting your trading career. Of all the traders I know, only a few […]

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5 Tips for traders

As trend traders there are times when there is very little to trade in the markets. Even if we trade multiple markets there can still be periods when good clean trends elude us. That means we sometimes have to stand aside – which can be easier said than done. Here are my top five tips […]

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Profit into loss

Holding your nerve

Please tweet this post by clicking here As retail traders gain more experience, many turn to longer term trading due to the advantages it holds. One of the definite advantages to holding positions for weeks or months is the lack of time required for trading. However, one aspect many find challenging is holding their nerve when […]

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Be a chess master not a chance taker

When learning anything new there is always a period of turmoil. Out of this chaos you need to impose order. You must learn to think strategically, anticipate your opponent’s moves and have a play in place to benefit from the unexpected. When considering your approach to trading, is it more like a game of chess […]

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Timeframe indicators

Trading theory into practice

A guide to separating the wheat from the chaff New traders can generally be put into one of two camps – those who just start to trade without any prior knowledge and those who choose to arm themselves with as much learning as possible. Generally those in the first camp will eventually concede and have some […]

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Chart patterns

10 Rules for surviving price action trading

Trading price action is all about decluttering charts and concentrating on the primary data source. This appeals to the Dynamic Traders because of the simplicity, and besides, why overcomplicate trading with lagging indicators? Yet trading price action isn’t without certain pitfalls. It requires a full understanding of how price moves and reacts to certain phenomenon. […]

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Chart patterns

Why I trade breakouts

There are numerous profitable ways to make money from the market – technicals, fundamentals, investing, IPOs, arbitrage – the list is endless. As retail traders we have many advantages over the big financial institutions but our options in this respect are somewhat limited due to the fund sizes we command. Most of us are dealing […]

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Trading habits

Let your chart do the talking

There are many different styles of trading that can make a successful trader. I have tried several and, for me, by far the most profitable is longer term technical trend trading. It is a method of trading that suits many personalities and lifestyles but by no means encompasses the whole trading community. Not many people […]

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Top 10 image

10 Traits of top traders

Being a successful trader is not limited to one personality type – traders come from all walks of life with hugely varying backgrounds. The old stereotype of city traders has been challenged in recent years. It is no longer associated with brash, loud and laddish behaviour. With the creation of the internet, and ever increasing […]

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