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10 Traits of top traders

Being a successful trader is not limited to one personality type – traders come from all walks of life with hugely varying backgrounds. The old stereotype of city traders has been challenged in recent years. It is no longer associated with brash, loud and laddish behaviour. With the creation of the internet, and ever increasing […]

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A robust strategy versus a robot strategy

There are several options open to new traders looking for a route into trading. They can sign-up for a robot system, they can teach themselves through trial-and-error, or they can learn from more experienced traders. Robot Strategies Robot strategies come by many names: black box, algorithmic, or copy trading to name a few. The one […]

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Chart is consolidation in an uptrend

The Catch-22 of catching a trade

It’s many years since I read the book ‘Catch-22’ by Joseph Heller but the phrase has been in popular use since it was published more than 50 years ago. Clearly, I am not referring to you having to be crazy to be a trader but more to the paradoxical dilemmas we are often faced with in […]

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trading triad

The Trading Triad

To be a successful trader it is generally believed that you need to excel on three counts: Technical analysis Trade management Trading attitude When new traders experience setbacks they will often be told it is their mindset which is at fault. Armchair trading psychologist will say they don’t have a winning mentality, they are too […]

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Is your trade a dud or a dude?

There are three ways of being active in the markets Having a trade in play Having an entry order Standing aside The first, and most obvious, is to have a trade in play. Clearly there is no disputing the fact that you are in the markets if you have an open position. The second, and […]

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Trading risk

Can You Handle Risk?

Risk is a word often batted about when talking about trading. Not without good cause, I might add. But the true risk often lies in the less obvious. Risk is usually mentioned in the context of stops and cutting your losses short. This is sound advice. It’s difficult to accept that all your analysis has […]

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