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Moving Average Bounce

Moving averages are lagging but can be useful for finding support or resistance levels. In this video we analyse our stock watchlist for possible buying opportunities. APH ADM LYB MAR BLL ECL Trend trading requires a trend to be in place. There are numerous ways to identify a trend but the simplest is to look […]

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Trend Trading Stocks

We look at a selection of stocks with trend trading analysis. We initially look for breakouts of support (shorting) or resistance (buying) then apply our confluence of events and trend filter to enter high probability set ups. Once we have identified a breakout, we use our trend trading strategies to enter the trade by trying […]

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Candlesticks and Trends

In this video we look at candlesticks and trends. Dynamic Traders primarily look for price to breakout of a range before entering positions. Candlesticks can aid in our technical analysis to guide us with what price maybe considering near term. Price action based on trends is our main indicator but candlesticks can be useful too. […]

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Pound Dollar support level

Trend Trading Analysis

Follow us on Twitter for daily trend trading updates: @JavidTrader @AnneTrader @DynamicTrader This week our trade analysis consists of four currencies that we are looking to enter or add positions to. As Dynamic Traders like to trade within trends and not inside consolidations, we need a trend to be in progress in order to […]

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Consolidation Zone

Trending Stocks

Stocks have been trending well recently and so we are looking to capitalise on these trends by entering new positions in the same direction as the trend and compounding where appropriate.   The above stock is MAR which has been in an uptrend for a while and the first time this was mentioned and added […]

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