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Simple and Easy to Understand

I was delighted when Javid agreed to mentor me. He is 100% honest, sincere and passionate about everything he does and especially trading. He is a great teacher and his methods are simple and easy to understand. He admits to being “lazy” and when he says he spent only 15 minutes doing analysis on any particular day he is being completely truthful – I’ve been with him on some of those days.
Donal McNeela

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20% Profit

So far this year, I am up just under 20% which equates to just over 8,000 pips with the main contributors being the GBPCHF (short), GBPAUD (short), USDCHF (short) and NZDUSD (long) – the profits on this have been slightly dented by losses on EURUSD (long) and USDJPY (short).  My preferred method of entry is based on pullback strategies you have shown.
The weekly members videos/webinars and analysis are now a great way of keeping check on where I am on my trading (whereas previously they were the source of what trades should be considered). The success and consistency are down to your training and tools.
Ash Shah.
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6 Months Trading Profits

I have spent years of time and money trying to achieve consistent trading results. Often this would involve reading countless books combined with hours of research. Trading would involve sitting in front of the computer, sometimes for 10 hours a day. But it seemed the harder I worked the more confusing and unproductive trading became. The frustration was incredible; it seemed that idea of the successful private trader was a myth. What a joy it was then to speak to Javid who changed that perception. Giving both encouragement and clear easy to follow mentoring the results have been incredible: no more screen watching, far more confidence and the first consistent 6 months trading profits!  Both patient and understanding, with the support of the Javid  and the Dynamic Traders the dream of becoming a full time trader is now becoming a reality. Many thanks to Javid & the team.
Ed Chadwick.

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Tripled my Trading Account

I have known Javid and Anne for at least five years and had a vague knowledge of what they did with trading until more recently. Through regular chats with Javid and Anne, I gradually learnt more about trading and the more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn and so it developed from there.

I believe that at least once in everyone’s life an opportunity will present its self. I would imagine that most people (me included) miss out on many of them but I knew that this – calculated – risk was worth taking and I committed myself to trading. Javid and Anne’s training is clear, comprehensive and confidence inspiring. My rationale was that if I didn’t do this now I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Javid and Anne’s relaxed and friendly nature coupled with their seemingly infinite knowledge of trading made the learning process easy. Javid’s mantra “It isn’t difficult but it’s not easy” is about right. In the last 4 months I have almost tripled my trading account, though I have to confess it is only a micro account! A year has flown by since I started and I guess a full sized account must now beckon.
Will J.

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Dynamic Trader is Amazing

9k is an excellent weeks work by any standard, I know i am finally on the right path.

It is quite unbelievable really the transformation. I’ve heard people saying how easy trading can be in the past but never quite grasped that concept until now. I am still learning something new every other week from your new blog, videos etc which is absolutely 1st class. I will give myself another six months to take in and hone what I have learned from you before i take the next step. I’ve no need to rush and can only improve.

Thank you for the patience you have shown Javid and for the amazing methods you have shared with me, its so exciting and I am so looking forward to and focused on a new and prosperous journey. TDT IS AMAZING!
David Neilson.

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Consistently Successful Trader

This is not a classroom exercise on the theory of trading the markets. This is a one to one mentorship where Dynamic Trader share what it takes to be a consistently successful trader. If this is something you have always wanted to do, you owe it to yourself to learn from someone who not only knows how to do it, but someone who can lead the way.
David L Goad.

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Smart Money Trading Community

I was intrigued as to this method of successful trading which didn’t require one to sit at the computer all day. Unlike myself who sat most of the day with no real success. The mentoring service is very accessible and they are always there to help. I am extremely pleased and thankful to be part of the Smart Money trading community. I have been through many forums and researched many other companies and none have come close to what is being offered here.  All I can say is money well spent.
John Lamont.

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Unique Trading Courses

I had done a lot of research into Forex on the internet but found nothing of real substance. I attended seminars but found that their courses were over-priced for the length and content. There was simply too much selling and I am not one to buy under pressure-selling. The courses were unique and exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a complete immersion into trading and with on-going support so was not left on my own to fall into bad habits. I started instantly and have absorbed all the principles of Smart Money. I come from a day trading background and so it was hard at first and I even broke some of the rules, to my own downfall. I am now consistently following the rules and I can see my account growing slowly and steadily. The early days are challenging and you need time to understand the strategies but once everything makes sense, it becomes simple and straightforward.
Albert Costas.

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60% in 6 Weeks

After about 3 months of mentoring, I made 60% profit in 6 weeks on my account and that was while I was still in the learning phase. It’s so wonderful to know that you have people to talk to and a whole support team behind you that wants to see you become a successful trader and are there ready to answer questions. One thing that blew me away was the price of the course, and what you get for it. It is serious value for money as it is a complete mentoring course. There is nothing on the internet right now that could compete with what their package offers. I encourage you to do your research and find out for yourself but if you are serious about trading then I assure you that you do not need to look any further. This is the right team to have around you. I’m now 100% confident that it is not if but only a matter of time when I achieve my goal of being a full-time trader.

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