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Trader Mentoring

So, you’ve made the commitment to becoming a trader – now you’re looking for the right training programme. Research shows that nothing beats live, face-to-face training so this will form the foundation of your course. Below is an overview:

One-to-one training
Regardless of the training package you choose, all your training will be on a one-to-one basis. Once you have become an experienced trader, you will be welcome to attend our small group training sessions, if you wish, which gives you a chance to meet other traders in person as well as hone your trading techniques and further your skills and tools.

Face-to-face training
Each package combines both face-to-face full training day(s) and supplementary webinars. Depending on the course package you select you will have between one and five training days in our training rooms in Surrey, UK. If you live outside the UK and are not able to attend, we can arrange for the same course content to be delivered via online one-to-one webinars at times convenient to both parties.

Teach not tips
We teach all our members to be self sufficient traders and not having to rely on black box systems or trading tips from magazines or websites. While daily potential trades are discussed in our private trading forum between members, each trader is unique and will have a different risk tolerance level so knowing how to trade based on your own individual style and risk appetite is very important. Understanding this and watching experienced traders take trading opportunities helps you to develop your own trading skills along with the choice of strategy we provide you that is most suitable to your personality and lifestyle.

Tailored to you
Training is tailored to your individual requirements. Everyone has different strengths and learn at differing speeds, which is why we only offer one-to-one training rather than group seminars. Once you have gained experience you will be invited to one of our small group training sessions where learning with others can be more productive.

Online videos and documentation
There are a full array of online videos and documentation for you to peruse at your own pace. Throughout your training and Dynamic Trader membership, you will have access to the training videos and related documentation for you to use and re-use as your learning expands.

Join us and learn to trade with our breakthrough community of Dynamic Traders. Get started today and take your trading to the next level.

Dynamic Trader is uniquely positioned to share more than 10 years worth of trading knowledge, methods, strategies, unique tools and trading tips with it’s members.

Benefits of becoming a Dynamic Trader are:

  • Understanding why, when and where to enter the market
  • Precise exit levels from the market
  • Knowing when to stand aside and not trade the market
  • Free up more time by simply trading the big trends
  • A community of fellow traders willing to help and share their experience
  • Posts, videos, webinars and articles to help you along the way
  • On-going trading education to increase your understanding of trading
  • Access to the Dynamic Trader trading tools

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