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Forex analysis for 20150418

Hello traders, In this week’s Forex video analysis by @ZaheerAnwari, the topic is the trend structure on the following: AUDUSD AUDNZD EURUSD EURGBP USDSEK The currency markets continue to remain range bound as they failed to produce break outs from their current period of consolidation. This is where patience as a trader comes in as […]

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Dynamic Trader analysis – 20150328

In this week’s Forex video analysis, the topic is the trend structure on the following currencies: AUDUSD AUDNZD EURUSD EURGBP GBPJPY The currency market continues to consolidate with further moves against the trend earlier in the week. However, with pullbacks to areas of support and resistance, and moves in the direction of the major trend […]

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Dynamic Trader analysis – 20150314

For this week’s video analysis for The Dynamic Trader, the following currencies have been analysed. AUDUSD EURUSD EURGBP GBPUSD Following a quiet month in February, we are now seeing momentum in the direction of the major trend with good profit added to our open positions and opportunities to add new positions. The monthly chart is […]

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Dynamic Trader analysis – 20150307

In this week’s Forex video analysis, Zaheer Anwari looks at the AUDUSD, the EURUSD, the EURNZD, and the USDJPY, post NFP, which was released yesterday. Dynamic Traders place emphasis on capital protection on the release of this major news item by simply managing stops on open positions and refraining from taking any new trades from […]

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Dynamic Trader Analysis

This weeks video is by Zaheer Anwari and the analysis is on the AUDUSD, AUDNZD, EURUSD, EURGBP and USDSEK. The Forex market has been going through consolidation for several weeks but this week we saw some life in the market with movements in the direction of the trend. We still need break outs on the AUDUSD, AUDNZD, […]

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Dynamic Trader analysis

Hello traders, The trend trading analysis in this video is by Zaheer Anwari. Zaheer looks at the following currencies within eSignal using the Dynamic Trader trading tools. AUDUSD AUDNZD EURUSD EURGBP GBPAUD GBPCAD The primary focus for our traders is price and in this video price is looked at across multiple time frames and in […]

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Moving average to determine trend

Moving averages determine trends

Click here to tweet this article   There are multiple ways of determining a trend but one of the most convenient is using moving averages. Moving averages are simple to calculate and, therefore, simple to understand. The one important factor you should always remember about them, is that they are a lagging indicator – they […]

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5 Advantages of long term trading

What is long term trading? One of the aspects new traders can struggle with is differentiating what is short, medium and long term trading. There is no formal definition – which doesn’t help – but generally I categorise them as follows: Short-term – the aim is to be in and out of a trade within […]

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