Average True Range

How to use ATR

Average True Range (ATR) Indicator Volatility is a word that sometimes negative connotations. It suggests something is wrong and that events are out of control. When it comes to measuring markets, volatility can change equations and reduce the effectiveness of strategies. But how do you control that? One of the ways is with the Average […]

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Impulse Waves

The first chart we’re going to look at the impulse waves on Dollar against the Turkish Lira. On the weekly chart we can see that price has been bullish for several weeks. The current impulse wave started towards the end of last year and is still in play. Moving on to the daily chart we can clearly […]

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TRYJPY Bearish Trend

Bearish Trend

Today we are going to look at the bearish trend on the TRYJPY. Starting with the weekly chart to get an overview of price action over the slightly longer term. There are three things to look for on this chart that indicates price is in a downward trend. The first is that the last few […]

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Trend Following

Trend following the markets have provided some very good returns for the Dynamic Traders in 2013. Our style of trading is far from frantic, in fact we will wait for price to move in our direction before we enter a trade. That means we never try to enter at the extreme of the market where […]

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1000 Pips profit in a bullish trend

Our video (above) from earlier in the week showed the GBPAUD bullish trend and also the pending resistance. This trade had brought in over 1000 pips to our Trading Room and required very little work in order to do so. The GBPUD chart below is from December 5th 2013 The GBPAUD chart below is from […]

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Usig the regression trend channel

Using the regression trend channel

Today we will cover the value of a double bottom in a bull trend, Regression Trend Channel and look at near-term and long-term resistance. The stock for today is Micron Technology (ticker MU) and the software used is eSignal’s Advanced GET. Firstly, let’s start with the weekly timeframe and you can see from the chart […]

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Advanced GET MoB

Below is the transcript of the Advanced GET MoB video. The chart we’re going to look at today is CI. If we begin with our weekly timeframe we can see we’ve had a very good trend from roughly the middle of July 2012 and you can see we’ve got a very bullish trend towards the […]

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Trading Bullish Trends

Trading Bullish Trends video transcript below. The chart we’re going to look at today is the Australian Dollar against the Japanese Yen. Starting with our weekly timeframe we can see we’ve got a Doji formation slightly above the figure 100. Since then the price declined, going back down towards this support level, it found some […]

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Breaking Resistance Level

Today we will look at British Pound against the Japanese Yen breaking resistance levels. The software I’m using is eSignals Advanced Get and the timeframe we have open is the daily chart. The colour coding of the bars are based on the Dynamic Trader strategy with the green bars indicating a bullish trend, the red bars indicate […]

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