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Few Trading Testimonials

Below are just a few of our testimonials.

It has taken me two and a half years to learn to trade well enough to consistantly make more money than when I was working.  It has not been easy, I have had many sleepless nights wondering if I could do it.  I have been close to giving up a couple of times when I have had a number of losing trades in sucession without proper money management, which can seriously hurt your account!  I cant tell you how happy I am that despite everything the markets threw at me I kept on going back and trying harder, spending more hours infront of my computer, analysing charts and backtesting trading systems.  The one thing that gave me the confidence and most of all the BELIEF that I could succeed was that I knew people who were trading successfully and living off their profits, predominantly Javid, he has shown me trading methods and systems to help me to suceed and been my mentor when I needed help.  I cant thank him enough for the help and time he has made available to me.

All of you by visiting this website know it is possible, and I hope that what I write gives some of you that are maybe thinking of giving up, the self belief to continue because it is possible to suceed.  I have now been retired for nearly 3 weeks and I am averaging 300 pips per week, which is enough for me to live comfortably on, but I was still apprehensive that if I had a bad couple of weeks I would struggle.  This apprehensiveness was blown out of the water on Thursday, I was 500 pips up for the day by 10am.  I then locked in my profits and took the dog up the fells for the day.  When I got home at close of play I had made 1030 pips in one day, I made in one day what I used to earn in two months!!  Thank you Javid for all your help, I couldnt have done it without you.
Barry (ex turkey catcher).

Best course in 20 years.
I have been involved in the financial markets for over 20 years and I’ve been through a lot of training but the training that Javid Shaik provided is some of the best, easiest to understand and the most down-to-earth training that I’ve seen or have been through.  In my opinion, the reason why Javid’s training is so good is because he personally has been though so much himself.  He has an excellent understanding of the markets and he posts his trades and commentary to his web site daily.
Kevin N. from Reuters.

Mysteries around trading.
I started looking for a mentor who has been through this and understand the Psychology behind trading. I then met Javid what caught my attention was his knowledge trading and more importantly his focus and command over his emotion.  Only after a few conversations with him I immediately sensed that he is a seasoned and experienced trader and this was the mentor that I was looking for.  I then managed to persuade Javid to teach me some of the techniques (for a fee of course).  During the training some of the mysteries around trading started to blur away and I was able to find the answers to the ‘why’s and the how’s’ and truly understand the power of using strategies in trading.  Although at the time some of the techniques seemed to make sense once I got back to my trading desk I was still a bit a bit nervous, only this time I was able to predict the direction of the position and almost magically it happens as predicted.  Now for the numbers, I ended up making 200%.  The key is to stick to the strategy.  For me now, I am focussing on consistency, once I get my consistency and my psychology sorted I can kiss my 100K/year job goodbye.  I sometimes ask myself why is Javid sharing his secrets and techniques with others but then again I don’t understand Mother Teresa either, someday I will !!!

3000 pips profit.
Just to let you know we are also doing well with our trading since the New Year we have accumulated around 3000 pips using MoBo and Pullback strategies.  The weekly webinars really do help and gets us focused on the week ahead.  The various mechanical strategies shown to trade during different market conditions have added new dimensions to our trading.  The daily emails and twitter updates are very useful especially from a psychological perspective.  We hope you will continue with them.

£2500 profit.
After just two days on the 10th January 08, learning and putting your new methods together, I have today made a profit of £2500, thankyou for all your help.

Easy to understand strategies.
The real effectiveness of Javid’s mentoring comes from his patient guidance through the professional software while you apply his tried and tested forex strategies.  He explains new and powerful information in a clear and easy to understand way.  If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best and Javid provides that opportunity.
Marc F.

Stress free trading.
I consistently began using Mobo at the beginning of the month and it has been my best trading from a results perspective to date.  I spend no more than 1 hour a day, some days just 15 minutes trading and it is a delight which is totally stress free.  I pretty much have no attachment to the trades so therefore I’m able to make decisions very mechanically and simply just follow my rules.  I don’t think about my trades during the day, I almost forget about them until I arrive home.

£17,860 profit.
My name is Soodi I have been given an intensive and no nonsense course on how to trade in stocks and currencies by Javid.  I had previously had bad experiences of losing moneyof over £20,000.00.  Despite this I was willing to learn how to trade properly.  I had no previous training I just followed TV and newspapers for “tips”.  I was introduced to Javid some 3 months ago and he has given me an intensive course with continued support.  I found Javid’s teaching methods extremely easy.  It is a question of someone willing to sit with you and going through the work step by step.  He also teaches you discipline and money management these are all part of trading.  Since starting with Javid, I have actively started to trade and made profit of £17,860.00.

I would like to thank Javid for all the support and guidance he has given me. He has given me the knowledge and tools to my financial secruity for the future.  It is up to me how I use this knowledge.

My progress has been exponential.
Prior to meeting Javid I had spent the best part of 15 months learning about the forex market. All the knowledge I had obtained had largely been self taught through reading many books on technical analysis, the psychology of trading as well as spending countless hours watching videos on technical analysis. In addition, I had attended a 2 day seminar on technical analysis, along with attending several free seminars on forex trading, all in my quest to find someone who has a genuine track record of consistent success in trading currencies. I realised along the way that many could ‘talk the talk’ but very few indeed can actually ‘walk the walk’. Unfortunately those who proclaimed to be successful traders would only share their knowledge through strategies that were packaged with a veneer finish for the mass market and carried a very expensive price tag. Personally, I could not attach any value to such offerings as I wanted to know the ‘nuts and bolts’ of trading.

My goal was to find a Mentor with a proven track record who could help me fill the gaps and offer guidance and support. Now, if you believe in the Laws of Attraction (The Secret), you will understand when I say that a mutual friend happened to mention Javid’s name in conversation one day, I made contact with Javid and the rest is history………….

Javid is an individual who has a real passion for forex trading. The two days I spent with Javid were very informative and extremely productive. Javid’s ‘open book’ approach to teaching meant that he shared his knowledge, methods and strategies with me at the grass roots level. His explanations of technical analysis, risk and money management were very straightforward and easy to understand. My mentoring session with him was excellent. My progress since meeting Javid has been exponential.

Anyone who spends time with Javid will quickly realise that his overall offering comes from his raw passion of trading and this is the type of mentoring that is essential for anybody who seriously wishes to become a forex trader.

Amazing strategies.
The two words Thank You are actually not enough to describe how grateful I feel to have had the opportunity to attend your course and to come away with some amazing strategies and tips.  I feel so lucky to have been able to tap into your trading experience which you have built up over the years and been so generous to share with us all.

3200 pips profit.
As of today I am in 11 trades with my account at 3200 pips – of these trades 1 is not in profit, 10 positions are in profit.

Lots of free time.
My husband and I joined the webinars a couple of years ago and it has been quite a remarkable journey. Before starting the webinars our Trading day would be spent in front of our computers watching the markets for trading opportunities, which involved a lot of stress and a lot of losses.  Since joining Javid and Anne on the trading room webinars we have realised trading is very simple if you are prepared to have a lot of free time on your hands.  The strategies we have been shown require very little work and very little maintenance whilst providing very good returns, they are very simple to follow.  Javid once told us that with trading the less you do the more you earn.  It has taken a while to adjust to having a lot of free time to do as we please.

Mobo has changed my trading.
Just want to start off by saying that Mobo has changed my trading dramatically.  Before I used to spend a lot of time looking at charts and doing more analysis than was needed.

Mobo has revolutionised my trading.
MOBO has revolutionised my trading!  It has made trading so simple and stress-free.  Using MOBO has dramatically reduced the time I need for analysis and most importantly it has been a very successful and profitable strategy for me.

Making trades with confidence.
Thank You Javid for making the world of Forex Trading a safe place to be.  With your mentoring we (Tom and I) are finaly making trades with confidence.  We can only describe your webinars as a masterpiece for new, advanced and struggling traders.  It was well organized, clear and comprehensive in integrating the foundation and key concepts on which trading is based. Keep up the great work.
Tom and Agnes.

Winning trades.
The strategies shown to us and the winning trades which followed helped me grow in confidence in trading and this is just a few weeks after finishing the online mentoring.  The proof is in the pudding and both Javid and Anne profit from the same strategies they show you.  Anyone serious about forex trading should definitely take the mentoring.  I cant thank Javid and Anne enough for their strategies, kindness and hard work which has transformed me as a trader.
Sanjay Patel.

Great value for money.
Just thought I’d like to drop you a line thanking you for the time and effort you both obviously put in on the webinars.  Not only did they clarify alot for me about my trading, they were totally addictive, after each one , I couldn’t wait for the next one!  They were very clear and precise and explained to the highest degree, and have helped me enormously, a massive thank-you to you both.  They truly were great value for money and I’m once again endebted to you both.  They are best described in two words , ‘Absolutely Fantastic’.

Professional manner.
I had my first training course with Javid almost 3 years ago and basically without his training, guidance and general support and motivation, I dont really know whether I would today be a full time forex trader. He decribes every aspect of what you need to know coherently and in a very professional manner.

Transformed my approach to trading.
I would like to thank you for your assistance, advice and systems you shown me.  This has truly transformed my approach toward trading, as I have only been shown how to trade discretionally with very little piece of mind whilst within a trade.  Your strategies eliminate all the doubts and worries I had.  In the two week since your teachings, I have achieved approximately 400 points on trade I have taken, and seen at least the same amount on trades I did not take due to money management rules.  With your website update’s you provide, this is helping tremendously with what you have taught us and provides live situations were we can observe the systems.
Brian (ex bad trader).

Easy to understand.
Once in your life you meet people who have a positive impact, & who give you a sense of hope for the future.  Javid is definately one of those people.  I have only known him a short while but I have already learnt alot from him, & I have been able to implement his knowledge into my personal and proffessional life.  Every time I speak to Javid, he makes me feel relaxed and comfortable, his teaching points are very easy to understand and he makes it enjoyable at the same time.  He is very patient and always tries to find easy ways to make you understand what he is saying.

I believe Javid to be a great mentor, even if he does not realise it yet.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to be able to learn trading from an honest and real individual.  I wish to repay his help one day, but I hope we can be friends for many years to come!!  I am truly gratefull!!

Systematic approach.
I have spent 10 years investing in property, having built a portfolio around the UK I had some spare time. I started to look for another business to start, but I wanted one with more liquidity than property.  As I started to chat to Javid it was clear that unlike some people I had met, he did know his business inside out and had the results to prove it.  Having had the great pleasure of spending some time with Javid, he has shown me a systematic approach to trading currency.  One of the main things that has impressed me is the ability to set up your trading business based on the amount of time you have to work on it.  Thank you Javid and Anne for showing me the light in a new industry.  Javid you’re a great teacher and mentor.

Excellent value for money.
The two day course was awesome and excellent value for money.  I don’t think Javid realises this, however, Javid organised significant discount off all software and some data feeds.  The discounts that Javid can provide came to over $2,000.

After the first day of his forex course, I knew the difference between basic charting software and advanced charting software.  I knew which trading platform to choose and why.

After the two day course, I knew which currency pairs to trade, when to trade, when to enter a trade, where to set a stop loss and when to take profit.  I don’t think I can turn £3,000 in to £47,000 in 9 weeks, however, I believe that I can make consistent profits with the combined stategies taught by Javid.

I truly consider myself lucky to have met Javid extremly grateful for the stategies I learnt during these two days.  Javid is an advanced trader and fully understands these stategies and presents these stategies in easy to understand and follow portions.

Javid inspired in us trust and transmitted to us faith; training with Javid has been absolutely superb.  He is very thorough, knowledgeable, obviously enjoys what he is doing and has his heart in the right place.  We are enormously grateful to him that he provided us with the opportunity to mentor us on this wonderful path to financial freedom.  We could not have wished for a better guide.
Mr and Mrs Brand.

Unassuming approach.
I managed to convince Javid to mentor me.  I spent two days with Javid in July at a neutral venue, after initial general discussions around my goals and objectives we went on to discuss various trading strategies Javid himself uses.  You also learn a lot about an individual when locked in a room for 2 days. Javid is not only very knowledgable of the FX markets, but personally for me were his attributes of being extremly patient, supportive of my obvious lack of knowledge; guiding rather than directing towards the obvious, but most of all was despite his obvious successes as a trader was his unassuming approach.

No More Consolidations.
My husband and I now only trade when market conditions that allow us to trade trends, trading with the Smart Money logic. Between May 2012 and August 2012 we had successfully collated over 15,000 pips on various trades within just the Forex markets. We are no longer interested in trading or trying to trade consolidating markets. We have learned and experienced that this is a very futile manner to trade.
Sital and Sanjay Lachhani

Forex Mentoring Experience.
Although I am still a new trader, much has been learned from Dynamic Trader, their patience, attention to my questions, accessibility, and deep understanding of trading in the current, challenging market environment. Along with the support of this team and an emphasis on following the rules, my ongoing mentoring experience is both enjoyable and essential to my trading activity.
Patricia Lyle.

1000’s of Pips a Reality.
Like most beginners I was not successful and ready to quit since I thought trading was not for me. Dynamic Traders dedication, patience and a very accessible way to explain concepts changed my vision completely: when before meeting them I considered 20/30 pips a great gain now, after following their tuition, making thousands of pips has become a reality!

Great Company.
I started learning to trade, like many others, without any prior knowledge. As a female entering a male dominated environment, I felt it was absolutely vital to have complete trust and faith in my mentor. Dynamic Trader made it clear to me from the beginning that trading takes time to understand but with the right education it is not as complex as it looks. From our initial conversations, I knew I could trust them to take me on the right path to understanding trading and with his mentoring, was confident I could get it working for me. I am in great company. My trading is progressing very nicely and quicker than I had anticipated.

60% in 6 Weeks.
After about 3 months of mentoring, I made 60% profit in 6 weeks on my account and that was while I was still in the learning phase. It’s so wonderful to know that you have people to talk to and a whole support team behind you that wants to see you become a successful trader and are there ready to answer questions. One thing that blew me away was the price of the course, and what you get for it. It is serious value for money as it is a complete mentoring course. There is nothing on the internet right now that could compete with what their package offers. I encourage you to do your research and find out for yourself but if you are serious about trading then I assure you that you do not need to look any further. This is the right team to have around you. I’m now 100% confident that it is not if but only a matter of time when I achieve my goal of being a full-time trader.

Unique Trading Courses.
I had done a lot of research into Forex on the internet but found nothing of real substance. I attended seminars but found that their courses were over-priced for the length and content. There was simply too much selling and I am not one to buy under pressure-selling. The courses were unique and exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a complete immersion into trading and with on-going support so was not left on my own to fall into bad habits. I started instantly and have absorbed all the principles of Smart Money. I come from a day trading background and so it was hard at first and I even broke some of the rules, to my own downfall. I am now consistently following the rules and I can see my account growing slowly and steadily. The early days are challenging and you need time to understand the strategies but once everything makes sense, it becomes simple and straightforward.
Albert Costas.

Consistently Successful Trader.
This is not a classroom exercise on the theory of trading the markets. This is a one to one mentorship where Dynamic Trader share what it takes to be a consistently successful trader. If this is something you have always wanted to do, you owe it to yourself to learn from someone who not only knows how to do it, but someone who can lead the way.
David L Goad.

Dynamic Trader is Amazing.
9k is an excellent weeks work by any standard, I know i am finally on the right path.

It is quite unbelievable really the transformation. I’ve heard people saying how easy trading can be in the past but never quite grasped that concept until now. I am still learning something new every other week from your new blog, videos etc which is absolutely 1st class. I will give myself another six months to take in and hone what I have learned from you before i take the next step. I’ve no need to rush and can only improve.

Thank you for the patience you have shown Javid and for the amazing methods you have shared with me, its so exciting and I am so looking forward to and focused on a new and prosperous journey. TDT IS AMAZING!
David Neilson.

Tripled my Trading Account.
I have known Javid and Anne for at least five years and had a vague knowledge of what they did with trading until more recently. Through regular chats with Javid and Anne, I gradually learnt more about trading and the more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn and so it developed from there. I believe that at least once in everyone’s life an opportunity will present its self. I would imagine that most people (me included) miss out on many of them but I knew that this – calculated – risk was worth taking and I committed myself to trading. Javid and Anne’s training is clear, comprehensive and confidence inspiring. My rationale was that if I didn’t do this now I would regret it for the rest of my life.
Will J.

6 Months Trading Profits.
Giving both encouragement and clear easy to follow mentoring the results have been incredible: no more screen watching, far more confidence and the first consistent 6 months trading profits!  Both patient and understanding, with the support of the Javid  and the Dynamic Traders the dream of becoming a full time trader is now becoming a reality. Many thanks to Javid & the team.
Ed Chadwick.

20% Profit.
So far this year, I am up just under 20% which equates to just over 8,000 pips with the main contributors being the GBPCHF (short), GBPAUD (short), USDCHF (short) and NZDUSD (long) – the profits on this have been slightly dented by losses on EURUSD (long) and USDJPY (short).  My preferred method of entry is based on pullback strategies you have shown.

The weekly members videos/webinars and analysis are now a great way of keeping check on where I am on my trading (whereas previously they were the source of what trades should be considered). The success and consistency are down to your training and tools.

Ash Shah.

Stick to the Trading Rules.
Trading made simple. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon. Just stick to the rules. Thanks Javid
Jaf Ibrahim.

Simple and Easy to Understand
It was my good fortune to meet both Javid & Anne over seven years ago at a trading conference abroad and I was delighted when he agreed to mentor me. He is 100% honest, sincere and passionate about everything he does and especially trading. He is a great teacher and his methods are simple and easy to understand. He admits to being “lazy” and when he says he spent only 15 minutes doing analysis on any particular day he is being completely truthful – I’ve been with him on some of those days. His lack of interest in hard work has led him to simplify analysis and trading strategies and technical tools for everyone’s benefit. His private social networking site is a great success. It is led by Javid and other committed traders who have been or are being trained in Javid’s methods and is a place to share knowledge, experience and both ask and answer questions. Because of Javid I can look at any chart and decide if it is worth trading …… and I now trade everyday.
Donal McNeela

Education First
My experience in forex is a simple story of two halves. The first story is unfortunately a very common one many traders suffer – one of trying to trade with limited education, believing that success with a couple of broker-provided strategies would lead to great riches in a short time. After suffering the frustration and cost of many failed attempts I made the decision I should have made at the beginning – to first invest in my knowledge. Anyone who’s received the benefit of an education of any level or type will understand this – the principle of ‘education first’ – which equally applies to the forex market. And so my second story began – with Zaheer as my trainer and mentor. Zaheer’s professionalism and training, particularly his insight into the real holy grail – discipline and application – was invaluable. Since completing my training and applying their proven techniques my trading has not looked back – on reflection the investment was a no-brainer.
Ashley Wain