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Trend Trading Stocks

Our trading style is trend trading which is actually very simple. No black box system or complicated formulas are required and we do not need to try and evaluate multiple indicator readings.

Trend trading is simply trading in the direction of the trend until it comes to an end. This technique allows traders time during the day instead of screen watching nervously all the time.

All time high

In this video we look at the main indices and a few stocks.

Dow Jones

GILD is up 73% in last 12 months.
GMCR is up 62% is last 12 months.
HD is up 25% in last 12 months.

Using multiple time frames for our analysis increases the chances of a new trade travelling in the direction on the true trend and not what we think it might be.

While our trend trading strategies are quite simple to use and majority of the hard work is scanned and calculated using our Dynamic Trader tools within eSignal, the basis of the analysis can be seen in this video.

Good trend trading…

Javid Shaik                Anne Chapman
@JavidTrader           @AnneTrader

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