Have any questions?

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Are any additional costs involved?

We thoroughly recommend subscribing to eSignal – the majority of our tools are created for use only on this platform and it is one of the leading software packages in the industry. We have a special package, just for Dynamic Traders, so please ask us before subscribing to eSignal.

Membership to our community also incurs an annual charge (which includes access to all the various toolkits, and members website access).


How does the Dynamic Trade differ from other trading education platforms?

There are three things we think set us apart from other trading trainers.

  1. We’re small and niche

  2. We predominately use our own tools and techniques

  3. We have a fantastic community


We specialise in longer-term trading – holding positions for weeks or months.

This means we can all get on with our daily lives – with trading enhancing our lifestyle instead of dominating it.

There are many ways to trade but we teach just one. There is no confusion. We wait for the trends then we trade them.

With just over 100 members our community is super friendly. Many have been with us for years and many wonderful friendships have blossomed.

At the same time we hold each other to account and keep each other’s eyes firmly on the prize.


What is trend trading?

The Dynamic Trader definition of trend trading is to use technical analysis to identify longer-term trends.

Technical analysis uses charts (historic data) to anticipate what the most probable outcome is for future price action.

As longer-term traders we anticipate holding positions for weeks to months. However, some trades will be stopped out earlier – either with a small profit or a small loss.

This is very different to fundamental analysis (most famously used by Warren Buffet) which uses economic and other information (not always in the public domain) to identify overvalue or undervalue.


What will my time commitment be as a Dynamic Trader?

On a daily basis you should not be spending more than 10 minutes a day placing and managing trades (either in the morning or evening depending on your schedule or timezone).

At the weekends you should complete your analysis for the week ahead. This should take no more than 2 hours.

During the learning process this may all take a lot longer. Plus there are numerous videos and reference documents for you to absorb during your initial learning curve.

The more time you can commit at the start of your trading journey – and the more fully you can immerse yourself in our community – the quicker you will benefit from the results.


What happens if there are no trends?

We mainly trade Forex, stocks and the occasional commodity. These are the markets with the most liquidity – which means most brokers will support them with a reasonable spread.

As trend traders we follow the money – if it moves out of one area it should move into another. Sometimes there is a lag and we have to apply patience.

Capital preservation is key so if there is nothing to trade then we trade nothing. It can be frustrating. But we only need a few good trend a year to offer potentially high rewards – using the power of compounding.

Einstein declared compounding as the eighth wonder of the world. Although he was referencing compound interest, the effect is the same.